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cropped-IMG_2958.jpgThis blog is for those that are a little different from the rest, those that love the adventure of exploring their world from the saddle of a bicycle.  This spot is for those few that had ever dreamed of taking off on a cross-country bicycle tour.  Some do it alone and some do it in groups, however, for any riders that wish to accept the challenge of riding across a continent, this is a great place to get ideas and share suggestions about long distance touring.

This blog is supported and maintained by Trans-America Cycling, a bicycle touring operation that was started to help people like you, the few that want to stop dreaming about riding across America and actually turn that dream into a reality.  Check us out at http://www.transamericacycling.com

Come back often for touring tips, suggestions and updates about tours. Please share your thoughts and suggestions for improvements. We welcome all input.

By the way, it’s not always going to be serious! We believe biking is as much about fun as anything else.

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