Riding cross-country?

Easily the most common response I continue to get from people after telling them I rode across the continent on a bicycle is – What?!?! Why?!?! It’s definitely not an undertaking for the faint hearted, but neither should it paralyze you with fear. The thing you have the most control over is your training. Physical conditioning is important especially from the standpoint of how you feel a week into the ride. The better you train, the better you will feel throughout the ride. There are several well organized week long rides that are excellent (RAGBRAI, Ride the Rockies, SAGBRAW) for giving you a good idea of what to expect for long days in the saddle and if your physical conditioning is sufficient for long tours.

The logistics for a long distance ride like this can be overwhelming. That’s where a tour like Trans-America Cycling comes to your rescue. You are given recommendations for what is essential to pack. We give you a suggested route that has been fully vetted by our staff. We handle moving your gear from overnight town to overnight town. We are also there as a safety net to rescue you in case of catastrophic mechanical issues or you reach your physical limits before the overnight town. Our job is to 100% support you the rider and give you the best experience possible.

The biggest lesson we’ve learned from riding multi-week rides is the importance of a warm shower and cool bed every night. Camping is not terrible, but significantly compromises your body’s recuperative abilities. A supported tour like those provided by Trans-America Cycling lets you concentrate solely on enjoying the ride.