IMG_2192The reasons for a person wanting to tour for long distances vary by individual, however, after speaking with several folks who have ventured out on their bicycle for extended periods of time, I have found that we all share some common traits.

First, we all love being on a bicycle.  If one doesn’t enjoy cycling by itself, then what would be the fun in touring.  Second, the tourists I have met, all seem to enjoy meeting new people and sharing with them their experiences of the road.  It also helps when a cyclist has an almost childlike sense of adventure, always looking forward to discovering what is hidden around the next curve.  For me, it’s almost impossible to make a wrong turn because many a missed turn ended up with me finding some unexpected interesting stop, such as a great vista, or an incredible BBQ shack. With the right attitude, a wrong turn should just mean that you have found an unexpected way to get to your destination. Finally, for me and I might guess and say for most touring cyclist, the most enjoyable part of the road is meeting the local people and learning about their part of the world. People who might shy away from strangers seem to be more willing to talk with us, the odd folks on bicycles.  Perhaps they are just curious as to why we choose to pedal while most others race through on gasoline powered machines.  My guess is, they think we are a little different from most, and they would be right!